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The Healing Ministry aims to mend those who may be broken in the following areas:


- Spiritual

- Physical

- Mental

Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory prayer involves standing in the gap for others extended past one's own family. It's about summoning heaven on one's behalf. Pray for others' situations when they are unable to pray over their own situation.


The Music Ministry ushers in the presence of God

Men Of  Purpose Ministry

Transforming the mind of men on how to live for God through the word of God to make better homes, marriages, and leaders

Sick & Shut In

In the Sick and Shut In Ministry, we desire to show our love and care for those in:


 • Hospitals

• Nursing Homes

Street Outreach

Transform your current place to an important state. Get out of the pit and show them that they are loved. Groom them to a place of loving themselves and loving others. Molding clay. You can make it! Give people a boost. 


A wise woman builds her house and a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Be empowered to become a great leader, entrepreneur, and wife. It is important for a woman to be confident and know who she is in her own skin


The Youth Ministry is dedicated to providing young men and women with tools that will help them move towards their destiny. We aim to empower our youth by planting a seed of love. We must teach them that they are great and made wonderful.

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